Master Plan

Our master plan, which included six (6) ball fields and a very large community meadow, was unanimously approved and adopted in 2009. Prior to construction of Phase 1 of the ball fields in 2011, we set up the Ravensdale Park Foundation (RPF) to serve as the construction partner with King County Parks through their Community Partnership and Grants Program (CPG). The CPG program is King County Parks’ public-private partnership initiative whereby community-based organizations are empowered to design, develop, construct, operate, program, and/or maintain new and enhanced public recreation facilities on King County Parks land. 

Within the framework of Parks’ CPG program, we were able to build Phase 1 of ball field restoration on time and 35% under budget. Phase 1 consisted of converting a dirt soccer field and dirt baseball infield to Synthetic surfaces. We have started Phase 1 of the community meadow and hope to complete it this summer. Phase 1 of community meadow includes clearing approx 5 acres on east side of park and planting grass, building picnic shelters, and building pathways. The phase will be funded through king County Parks and private donations. 

Starting last summer we began designing Phase 2 of the field project. In an effort to keep the community involved and updated we had articles written in the local newspaper, participated in the Maple Valley Parks commission, and met with the GMVAC. With the significant shortage of fields in our community, you can image the amount of support we have garnered for Phase 2 of the project. Additionally, due to changing field circumstances for youth Lacrosse and Football both of those programs have joined us and we have added them to our board to insure they also have input. We now have over 3,500 families working together to design and build a park that fits our entire community. 

Currently we working on Phase 2 of the ball fields at a cost of $6 million 

• Phase 2 of the ball fields 
o Adding 2 multi-use fields that are capable of serving active sports 
o Parking for 150 to insure no offsite parking needed 
o Restrooms 
o Concessions stand 
o Play structures 
o Open area 
o Trails 
o Maintenance facility 

With the freedom of the County CPG program, we are allowed to raise funds and incorporate private donations into the process, we now have our $6 million Phase 2 project within $1.3 million of being fully funded. Our groups are reaching to King County, City of Maple Valley, Washington State, professional sports teams, major corporations, local businesses, and every day citizens to find funding options. It is our goal to have everything in place so we can start construction in early 2014. We collectively have put thousands of hours into this project and with that take great pride in the whole park. We remain committed to our mission. 
It is our mission to build a park to service the whole community, both active and passive, while maintaining the rural character of the park. 

Here is a video about how the process came together: