How Can I help?

Ravensdale Sports Park

There are three main ways you can help with the park. You can give your Time, Talents, or Treasure.

Time   Your time can be used to assist in fundraising, community awareness, or simply sending an email to your state, county, and local representatives encouraging them to support our Park. Click on the link to contact the corresponding representative: CityCountyState 

Talents    Because this is a community park built through Community Park Grants (CPG), we are allowed to have community members with special skills do a wide variety of work. From time to time we will have work parties to build picnic shelters or pathways. We may even use community people for rough grading or irrigation installation.

Treasure   People can always make a tax‐deductible donation directly to the park as well as donate or discount goods and services.

Field Signage   Park field signs are an excellent way for local businesses to show their support to the youth of our community. 3’ X 8’ signs will be hung on the perimeter of the field fence displaying your company logo and contact information. Sponsors will also have a link to their website set up on our sponsorship page. Click here for sign sponsor information.